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Debris suggests shuttle tires blew out

“Tires and debris recovered from the space shuttle Columbia suggest that the left tires blew out and superheated gases were flowing out of the left wing’s wheel well, investigators said Tuesday.” [ more via CNN ]

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Update On Columbia NASA now discounts foam as cause of accident “NASA investigators said Wednesday they now no longer believe that a chunk of foam insulation could have damaged tiles on the shuttle Columbia to the extent required to explain the accident … Continue reading

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Powell is Cutting Loose

“They are inspecting ammunition you have… for the possibility there are forbidden ammo,” said a voice Powell identified as an Iraqi official. “We sent you a message yesterday to clean out the areas, scrap areas, abandoned areas, make sure there … Continue reading

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Columbia News

Shuttle nose cone found NASA to hold memorial for Columbia crew This will happen at noon (CST) today. I don’t know if there will be a live feed on the web, but most radio stations will be playing it.

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A few Links From Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches DailySentinel! story talking about debris. “”It’s everywhere,” Mike Claude, with the Nacogdoches Sheriff’s office, said late Saturday morning. “Right now we are trying to replace our officers with National guard members.” Other information from a Nacogdoches blogger.

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