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jEdit – A few days Later

As I mention last week I started using JEdit. So far its working out really well. I love the folding option for my code, it has made my life so much easier. I’ve also created my own docmode for SaxBasic, … Continue reading

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A Few Site Updates

You may have noticed a few things changing around here. Updates have been underway for a while. The biggest change is that I’m now filtering entries on the main index, there were lots of posts and such that are mostly … Continue reading

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Netflix Bookmarklet

Ok this is bookmarklet i just cooked up, I think it only works in Firefox/Firebird/Mozilla. Haven’t tried Safari yet. It will take the selected text and do a search at NetFlix, don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner … Continue reading

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LibraryLookup and Flower Mound

Last week Kevin was telling me about the Flower Mound Library. It really got me thinking. I haven’t used a library much since college. In college it was so easy to drop by and grab a book or magazine between … Continue reading

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Building 4Suite on Panther

Has anybody out there sucessfully gotten 4suite to build on Panther? I need to get my bookmarkblogger going again.

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