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Custom Weather Notifications with Growl

Last night I download Prowl on my iPhone and setup my growl to work with it. It’s very cool stuff together, i’ve been using growl forever. Anyway tonight I was reading in this thread in the prowl forum where one … Continue reading

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Getting working under osx

I often work and tweak things to get them going on OSX (not server) and then forget how I did it. Then I’ll end up wiping the machine and have to everything over and spending a ton of time on … Continue reading

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Nagvis on OSX

I recently replaced the hard drive in my G5 Mac (PPC) and reinstalled the latest version of OSX. Which didn’t solve my problems, but thats a differnt topic. Anyway I was running Nagios to monitor my home network. I do … Continue reading

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Local Lifestream with GCalDaemon

I’ve been dreaming of lifestreaming for years. I’ve written various programs in perl and php and who know what else with and without database several times over. I really should have done something cool with it way back before it … Continue reading

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jEdit Tip – Abbreviated Plugin List?

After adding a few more plugins to jEdit, the plugin menu changed from the full list when clicking plugins to an abbreviated list cut into 2 parts. This slowed me down, but I never thought much about it. On the … Continue reading

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