Weird Dream Last Night

I’ve been having weird dreams for the last week or so. I always mean to write them down in the mornings but never do and of course I forget most of the details. Here is the dream from last night, no idea what if anything it means.

I’m at my grand parents old farm house, but the surroundings are different. For some reason at the back side of the house (where the well house is in RL) there are several DQ dip cones (this is probably because I had a discussion about these Sunday). I go back there and get one and come back and eat it. It was good and I figured I might as well get another one. So I go back and as I’m walking back there is some rustling in the bushes. It keeps on and gets a little more intense. So I’m standing there watching to see what it is, then a tiger comes running out toward me. I turn and haul butt around the and slam the door just has the tiger jumps on the porch, then I woke up.

Another Weekend Gone

Well another weekend has gone. I headed out to the deer lease Friday night with my friend Joey. We did a little dove hunting and did really well, getting limits both days. We also help my BIL finish up with some stands and feeders.

I got my powerbook last week. The service from TechRestore was great. I’ve been slowly working on setting it back up. Rather than just dump everything back on it from before I’m going through a slightly different process to keep things cleaner. Lots of prefs and stuff for software that I no longer use and I need to update a few of the programs. This time I’ve been keeping a detailed log of what I’m doing for reference. I’ve got several hours into the project and several more to go. I’m in no real hurry all the basics that I use are working just fine.

Works been on and off busy. Things come in spurts. Friday I found myself with a little time to spare on my hands. So I analyzed the my workflow, which is based on GTD. What I found is that while it was working great for me, it wasn’t very streamlined and I had several apps that had to run at once. We use Lotus Notes here where I had some information, i use DayNotez to track all incoming calls and quick notes, and Bonsai for project management. In Louts Notes I have my email, todo and calendar plus 2 different support databases and a bug base. So I decided that I could streamline that. I started by downloading the GTD template for Lotus Notes from Brett Philp. I removed all the default data and moved my Projects in from Bonsai. Next I downloaded a template called Phone Message Log from Lotus Notes. I tweaked that a little by making it default to the current date and time. This replaces DayNotez. So now I’m to the point where I can run everything inside of Lotus Notes instead of having 3 applications open. Having things in DayNotez and Bonsai was handy because it would copy onto my palm, but I haven’t really needed that in a while since I’m always on the laptop. Next up was creating an agent in my mail database to copy items to the GTD database instead of the ToDo database. In each of the support databases I wrote agents or scripts to copy an item to the GTD database. In the Phone Log, I wrote a script to copy a call in todo the GTD database. Now everything is very streamlined and flows fast for putting everything together. This will be my first week with this new system and so far its working well.