The Weekend

This weekend seemed relaxed a change. It didn’t feel rushed and I feel like I got a lot done with out being worn out. Besides the nice nature hike I got a lot done around the house. Some routine cleaning and yard work. I got a lot more gardening done, still seems odd doing this stuff so early in the year.

I installed wordpress tiger admin and cleaned up my plugins folder some. Did a some more organizing of my photos with iView and played around a little with Aperture.

Last night I installed 2 wall switched for X-10. I’ve had these things for a while and just haven’t hooked them up. I’m having a problem with 1 of them, it turns the lights on, but not off. I’m way past the warranty time, so I’ll have to order a replacement along with a few more for other rooms. When we lived in the old apartment, I had everything all going with X-10. I used modules for everything like lamps. My plan was to do the house. Well now that we have been here 2 years its about time to get started. I used Mister House back then. This week I’m trying out Indigo on the mac. Once the trial expires I’ll see how Mister House does on the mac. Indigo is pretty slick, but I’m still a perl junkie and miss the fun with MH.


My wife totally surprised me and got me a 2.3GHz Dual-core G5 this year. Wow! I really had no idea. Now I wish I was at home in stead of work playing with it 🙂

Bonsai 4 Out

News From Natara
# Spell check your items in the Bonsai Windows desktop application.
# Zero in on your Next Action items.
# Use the new custom numeric field to calculate things like project cost.
# Sort the results of a flat filter view.
# Support for google Desktop Search <- this rocks