It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted much here. I suspect that the main reason is Twitter and Tumbler is where i’ve been putting the fragments of my online lifestyle lately.

So let me see if I can summarize whats been going on lately.

HDTV is in the house. Down on the farm we use over the air to get our TV. No big deal really we don’t watch that much TV anyway. We get 2 and sometimes 3 channels on a good day. I setup one of the analog converter boxes to a TV top HD antenna and we don’t get one channel that we do watch but we now pick up one channel that we didn’t have. The quality difference is like night and day. I have also hooked the box up to the big antenna that we have with about the same results, still missing that one channel that we would like. I’m thinking I may have to get a different big antenna and a booster for it we are about 1 mile out of the range that it shows so maybe that will help. I still have to get the Tivo2 setup with IR to control it, so we don’t miss those Saturday morning cartoons the boy likes.

The boy has discovered that he really likes the old games that I once played. Like the old NES, SNES and NES64 stuff. Basically anything Mario he loves to play. So instead of hooking up all those consoles, which I still have and dragging out the boxes and boxes of games that I still have, we’ve been doing a lot of emulation stuff. First off I have all the OSX emulators running for each of the platforms. It’s surprising how much better is is at these games then I remember being and he is only 4 🙂

I love modifying anything that I have to make it do more. So I’ve hacked my PSP to allow it to run emulators to play these games also. The boy also wanted to watch his movies and stuff on his DS so I worked on that and got moonshell going so now it plays homebrew, movies and music. Next up is the Wii, It’s been hacked to use homebrew and emulators also, I just can’t help myself sometimes.

All this indoor winter fun is just about to come to an end, the days are getting warmer and the major garden work will probably start this weekend.

Another One of Those Days

Last night checking out one of the servers from home, I noticed that the new drive in installed last week wasn’t showing up. Very odd I thought, I’ll just reboot the server.  So I did, then I remembered that since installing SBS on this box, it will not longer shutdown, it has to be manually powered off. That was after I already did it, duh! So this morning first thing was getting that back up. Which wasn’t as easy as I expected. Luckily I get here before the group that ues it does.

After that I noticed that my secondary computer/testing box was down. After lots of work, I decided that its just dead. The diagnostics card I use says mobo/cpu failure. Blah what a way to start the day.

Home Fires

There is nothing like coming home to a crashed computer. At least this week its not the mac, its the windows box. To its credit its been a couple of weeks. So since it was down I decided to swap in the new gigabit card I bought recently. I finally got it back up but with out the DVD rom. Drivers are toast and finding them online is impossible. Thoose driver sites (you know the ones) can suck it. I would rather go buy a new drive than put up with the levels of BS that you have to deal with to find a driver which by the way wasn’t a driver. After spending the day at working fixing other peoples problems it was just wonderful to do the same thing at home. To much fun for one day..