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Wifi Pineapple

Updating the ole Wifi Pineapple today. Heading out to a wireless pentest next week. Haven’t done one in a while hopefully i can remember how it works 😉

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TI SensorTag

I ordered a TI SensorTag last year, and like some many things lately its been on my future list. Well the future was today, i finally took it out of the box and set it up. It took all of … Continue reading

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Pi Plate

Just in case your missing the theme so far, i have several things that are sitting in boxes waiting to be used. Another item i have is a Pi Plate, a shield or break out board that makes it easy … Continue reading

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Pi Box

Almost every computer needs some sort of case, so last year i alos ordered a Pi Box from Adafruit. Just like the Raspberry Pi its been sitting in a box waiting to be opened. Thanks to the smart design of … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi

When the Raspberry Pi came out last year, i bought one. I had no a idea what i was going to do with it but i like tiny computers and i like linux so surely i needed one. Well its … Continue reading

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