Farm Update

Well its hot and dry here in East Texas. I guess the mild summer weather ended a few weeks ago and we started getting into the 100’s. We did get 0.5″ of rain last Friday, but prior to that its been about a month since the last good soaking.

As a result most things I seeded in the garden dried up and turned to compost. Thats just one of those things, if it look like we will get more moisture soon, I may try to replant a few things and hope they make before the frost comes. Some of the seeds I started in the green house haven’t done very well either. I reseed some that had died over the weekend and they are already coming up.

We harvested the pumpkins last week, after the vines started dying. From 2 seeds and 2 vines I got 4 nice pumpkins. This was mostly just a test, I’m planning on planting some more soon for a fall harvest. The tomatoes are starting to get ripe again, although they aren’t nearly as big and healthy looking as the first crop, lack of rain I’m sure. The watermelons and cantaloupes are putting on fruit again. The peppers and eggplants are continuing to produce as well.

I’ve got everything in good shape for the fall planting. It’ll now just be a matter of catching the ground with good moisture, my seeds are standing by.

I’ve picked up a few more trees and vines over the last few weeks. The first bunch I picked up at a feed store for 50% off. I got 4 grape vines, 2 dark and 2 light, they are nice thick vines in pretty good shape considering the time of year. I picked up a rasberry and boysen berry plant. I got 2 Granny Smith apple trees which are different from the other apple trees I planted. 2 Mayhaw trees that I’m really happy to have found. Also a really nice looking Meyer Lemon tree that has about 10 lemons on it now. At a nursery I found 2 Suma Orange trees that looked great one has several oranges on it and one has a single fruit, but they are both super healthy.

I’m starting to see some doves around, season is only 2 weeks away. I also have seen some teal, season starts in September I think. I’ve also been seeing alot of Ibis the last few days, I don’t ever recall seeing any down at the farm before. And of course the deer are still all over the place. I did start cleaning up around the deer feeders and stands and will start putting out corn next month.

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