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iTheater – Home

I gave the iTheater RC a whirl last night. Looks like things are going pretty good. “The goal of this project is to create an application that acts a media center for any Macintosh computer. iTheater is an aesthetically pleasing … Continue reading

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Subversion on OSX

Another project that I finally got going was setting up Subversion on the G5. Its not bleeding edge, I did it all using Fink so I didn’t have to replace the default apache 1.3 install. It works great so far. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and Zoneminder

You may remember that I post a while ago about not being able to get Zoneminder going on Ubuntu 5.10. Well I tested several of the RC’s of the latest version and got closer each time. Now with the latest … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done Around the House

Well, I’m still around, just not spending much time on the computer. To start with not a week after turning on the new G5, it stopped working. A bad power supply. I think to date, that its been at the … Continue reading

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links for 2006-01-28

iCalViewer iCalViewer displays calendar events as boxes dynamically moving towards a finish line which is now. It can do this on your desktop or in a window. (tags: calendar ical mac software)

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