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links for 2005-04-01 (tags: xBox) Using Growl for long-running builds (tags: growl) Scripting iCal I get a lot of emails about events I’d like to go to, so I wrote an AppleScript to make an iCal event out of the selected message … Continue reading

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links for 2005-03-31

PocketMac® For PSP | Call Toll Free 1-866-POCK-MAC (tags: psp osx) Plugin: SpamForceField (tags: wordpress) Stopdesign | Staying organized (tags: LifeHacks) 8Bit How to Read Web Comics on a PlayStation Portable. (tags: PSP)

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Can They Make it Harder?

I wanted to download an update for DirectX from Micr$oft today. Since I don’t use IE i wasn’t sure it would even work. First I goto the site, then I have to run the Geniune Windows BS. I put in … Continue reading

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EVDB – Beta

The beta testing for EVDB is open. I’ve played with adding some events to a calendar. I should note that its very early beta. I didn’t see a setting to add you time zone. I also think that having to … Continue reading

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Yahoo! 360�

I got to start playing with Yahoo! 360� last night. Interesting service, with more features to come. Well this be a better social software than the other out there? Time will tell. If I know you or you know me … Continue reading

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