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More on How to Loose My Business before you even have it

I was reading an article in an industry magazine this morning and it mentioned XYZ project management software. I made a note of it and when I had a few minutes to burn I jump to there site. No screen … Continue reading

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Great Weekend

Well I’m back at it after a nice weekend away from everything. Looking forward to the 2 day work week I have before heading off on another trip.

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Great Morning

What a great morning. I’ve finished my GTD weekly review, sure its Friday morning but I’m going out of town for the weekend, so I wanted it done. I finally took the time to customize my .screenrc on one of … Continue reading

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Wikify Test

Testing to see if the new wikify filter is working. WebChanges . Looks like its working, but its breaking any wikiwords that I have hardcoded in, not sure if it will stay or go. Its also leaving my with a … Continue reading

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LocalNames is about having short names for things. For example if you type sd it would make that This is very similar to things like abbreviations in jEdit, except thats it meant to be used with everything from wikis, … Continue reading

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