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My Truck Is Home

Well my truck is back several $$ later. I like the car and all , but I’m just a truck man.

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Truck Problems

Nothing like waking up and heading out to work, only to find your truck won’t start. I think its the fuel pump, but I’m no mechanic. I pulled up the closest dealership online, and the number they have doesn’t work, … Continue reading

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Office Space Wars

Office Space Wars Is one of the best things I’ve seen all week.

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Slurm on OS X

I while ago I posted about running slurm on Linux. Slurm is a realtime network motior that uses ncurses. Today I need to check what was going on , on my powerbook remotely from ssh. The slurm site is gone, … Continue reading

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ION – run Linux and Windows programs side by side

“Simply put, ION is the world’s first OS to run Linux and Windows programs side by side on pre-tested hardware giving businesses a Macintosh-like experience, with Linux TCO and PC compatibility all on the same computer. On the technical side, … Continue reading

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