Durning lunch today, I took the plung, I downloaded REALbasic. I guess its not really that big of a plunge for me, I coded in VB in the past and code in SaxBasic almost every day. I downloaded, installed it and went through the first tutorial to feel it out. I wrote 2 sample programs in no time. Then I wrote a simple program to connect to a mySQL database and another to connect to a Firebird database. I’m really digging it, but the coolest part was compiling the same program to run on Windows, Mac and Linux all at the same time. I’m only a few hours into it and like it so far. Tomorrow I hope to log some time with it on the Mac.

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  1. would you mind teaching me how to write code that connects to a mysql database? i just downloaded REALbasic and am trying to learn how to connect it to the server. any help would be appreciated.

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