PDA Software

Its been a while since I’ve mentioned any new PDA software, mainly because I haven’t changed my line up in a while. There are a few things that I can mention while I’m on hold :).

I’ve been using a program called AfterSync, it was installed with Launcher X and I didn’t even notice. What is does is opens a specified program after a hot sync. Very handy.

Another handy little program is Cradlesnd. This program will automatically start a hotsync as soon as the palm is in the cradle.

I’ve been using the trial of mNotes at work. I haven’t been successful in getting the addresses to sync at all. I do like the fact that i has its own email app for the palm, so my work mail is sperate from my home mail. I have misplaced my intellisync cd, so it was time to give something new a try. If I can’t get the addresses working its out for sure.

And finally I’ve been trying out Life Balance. So far I’m about a week or 2 in and getting close to the time out period. I’m undecided if I’m gonna purchase it or not. Its handy in some aspects, and it seems like a lot of extra work in others.

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