Panther: Day 2

So yesterday was my second day with Panther loaded on the powerbook. So far so good, I’ve been finding the changes here and there and must say its very cool to use, I’m glad I bought the update. I love the new finder and the Apple+Tab switching improvements. I also found out that Process view is no longer there and has been replaced by Activity Monitor, which is even better. There are so many other new thigs that I haven’t even got to yet. Oh, and the new changes are really nice. The only downside so far is that I’ve crashed Safari 3 or 4 times in a setting, which never happened before.

One thought on “Panther: Day 2

  1. Exposé rocks, but it’s a pain to use on laptops because the F keys have to be used in conjunction with the Function key.

    I highly recommend getting a multi-button MS mouse, and assigning buttons 4 and 5 [on the side] to ‘show desktop’ and ‘show all’.

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