PHP 4.3.4 + Apache 2.0.48 on Redhat 8

Today I decided to update my Redhat 8 server to the latest version of Apache and PHP. One of the main reasons was that I need to rebuild php with interbase turned on so I could connect to the firebird database server i setup yesterday. I took some good notes and stumbled around until I figured out the best way todo it. I will admit that it took me a couple of hours to get it all going correct. If it weren’t for google and lots of other people posting to forums, mailing lists ect. I probably would still be working on it. But now its all working wonderfully, and hopefully next week I can duplicate the work on another RH8 server, in a lot less time.

Here are my notes in case you need them.

2 thoughts on “PHP 4.3.4 + Apache 2.0.48 on Redhat 8

  1. Eck… .seems like lotta work to configure IB on linux. How are the “simple” users gonna handle this?

  2. Actually IB on linux was very easy. I just decided to update my PHP and Apache, not related to IB at all. I don’t expect that any ‘simple” users will ever even need to run IB on linux, much less configure it so they can do reporting with php.

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