Welcome To Interquest ~ Blahhhhh

Well we are finally back online at home, here are the awesome results:
2003-09-29 21:52:38 EST: 3 / 63
Your download speed : 3278 bps, or 3 kbps.
A 0.4 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 63271 bps, or 63 kbps

As you can tell, we can run data faster than this. According to other people at broadband test this is good for Interquest. This really blows, my dialup is faster. Guess I’ll spend even more time with customer service, when they open back up and see whats up. Camille is even more pissed than I am 🙁

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Interquest ~ Blahhhhh

  1. Yep, the problem is, is that they have a contract with the complex, so no other provider will run lines. We are only here a couple of more months so I guess I can live with it. Last night after some calls and emails, my speed finally increaed. I’ll see how it goes as I try to download that new Red Hat beta finally.

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