Personal Technology Update

Last night I got the service packs installed on the new/old media box. Its odd but doing a windows update from within IE seems to keep crashing IE. I also got my video card drivers and software setup, Xstasy Everything card, WinDVD, WinDVR. The tuner is now online and WinDVR is working. Tonight I need to add the sound card and X-10 software and everything should be ready to go once again.

I got Mandrake 9.1 installed on my test box at work, but I’m having some LILO problems. I will work these things out later today.

My new camera comes in today!!!!

Update: Got the Mandrake problem fix. I was pointing XOSL (the bootloader) to the wrong spot. Duh!

3 thoughts on “Personal Technology Update

  1. X-10 Stuff is very easy. I really like MisterHouse to run things : For this media box I only use the X-10 to control an IR device to change the channels on the Sat box since the computer can’t. I did find a controler cable the other day, but it doesn’t work with WinDVR. There is also some PVR/sat contoller stuff for Misterhouse, but I’ve never tried using it on windows before.

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