Late Night Geeking

Well I’v about finished some late night geeking. I but a DVD drive in my media box. Since my wife never lets me into the living room I figured i would improvise. While I was at it, i put a new chip in my old homemade TiVo box, thats the one that died a long time ago. Looks like its boots up and all. It just needs a fresh install some software and I’ll have it back in business soon.

I’m also doing a full backup of my powerbook, as much as I haul it around with me, I would hate to loose any data. Thats about it for tonight except watchin Ren and Stimpy. I think I’m gonna take Friday off from the office and chill out at home and redo a few new things around my office.

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2 Responses to Late Night Geeking

  1. LoneAggie says:

    sounds like a nice relaxing night. reminds me I have some geeking to do.

  2. camille says:

    So you’re gonna take Friday off?! Dang. Well at least you can pack us up and I can leave maybe an hour early for our weekend.

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