iDVD3 Sync Problems

I created a new DVD today using iMovie3 and iDVD3. I had some problems with iDVD3 rearanging my menues for me , even after i saved and check them all. The biggest problem i’ve had is a sync issue after about 30 minutes in the A/V sync is off and the longer in to it the worse off it is. At first i thought maybe the little 12″ couldn’t handle it, but then i rember prior to switching to iDVD3 i didn’t have any problems at all. It seems that i’m not alone. So now i’m gonna try to reinstall iDVD2 back from the orginal install CD, then export from iMovie in DV format or something so i don’t loose all the chapter information. Its been a very frustrating day. It took me about an hour to put the DVD together, but then it takes 3 to 4 hours to render everything and burn, only to find out that its wrong. Its fine in the preview mode.. *sigh*

Update 1: Finally i got the right set of keywords to find the problem on the apple website.
“When exporting an iMovie project to QuickTime or iDVD, audio and video gradually lose synchronization. For best results when creating long movies (over 20 minutes), record footage using 16-bit audio. Recording with 12-bit audio may result in a gradual loss of audio-video synchronization. Check the manual that came with your DV camcorder to find out how to se the audio format.”

Ah ha, my DV camera was in 12-bit mode. And the fix:
If you have already created a project with 12-bit audio, you may be able to export the project to QuickTime as follows:

1. Export the iMovie project that contains the 12-bit audio footage to a DV camcorder set to 16-bit audio.
2. Open a new project in iMovie.
3. Import the fresh footage you created in step 1 from the camcorder into the project you created in step 2.
4. Export this project to QuickTime.

So it looks like its gonna be a lot of work, which means a total export of the project, a re-import of all the footage. Rebuilding all the DVD menus, redoing it all in iDVD. Sounds like a job for tomorrow. I plan on taking down my Mandrake 9.0 box and uping it to 9.1, guess that will give me something to do also.

Update 2: Well i stayed up really late last night, I exported the whole project out to DV, made sure the cam was on 16bit. Then after an hour when that was done, i reimported it back to iMovie2 before finally going to bed. As soon as i got up I check the result and it was even WORSE than it was before. So here is my plan now, i’m going to take the orginal DV, import it one more time, then export it untouch back to a clean tape. Then import that again. So i can see that Apple is not making this easy at all. If this fails then i will do it on my PC and hope that i can export it out to a file that iDVD can burn to. All i can say is this sucks.

Update 3: Well it appears that my DV camera, will only import that same audio that is exported. So I guess i’m gonna but my Firewire card in my Linux box and load up
Linux DV. Its almost to the point that its not even worth it… I’ve got some serious thoughts about selling this mac now.

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  1. If you feel Linux DV is a better solution and the only reason you have your mac is for digital video, rather than selling it you may want to install Linux on your mac. Most software is available, although I don’t know specifically about Linux DV.

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