Back, Again.

I’m back home again. This time for at least 5 days :). The trip to Nac was great. The Alumni meeting well. The Party/cookout/skeet shoot was a blast. In my rush home/rush away I forgot my DV camera and batteries for my digital. So no pics :(. Luckily one of the guys had a DV camera and another one had a digital. So hopefully i’ll be able to get copies of everything to compile a DVD.

Speaking of DVDs, i got the Mac iLife CD in , so i can load up the iDVD and hopefully a few of my frustrations will go away. I also got a new printer/scanner in that is supposed to work on OS X. I’ve been wanting a sheet feed scanner for my powerbook, and due to a suggestion on the Mac Mentor forums this one was suggested. Now I’ve got to pickup Quicken for OS X and i’ll be done with windows at home altogether, except for contract jobs and work.