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Hot Wings in Dallas

The GuideLive has the low down on > Hot wings in Dallas. Of the 2 highest rated Wingstop and Pluckers, i’ve not been to Pluckers. I agree that wingstop has awesome wings, the atomics almost killed me, but they … Continue reading

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Roar starts tonight on SciFi. ” In the year 400 A.D., a young man is destined to unite the Celtic clans to rid the island of the invading Romans. This action-adventure drama series chronicles his story: the extraordinary life of … Continue reading

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I finally got a chance to watch Riverworld on SciFi. It wasn’t that bad at all, I never read the books so I can’t really compare it to them. SciFi has gotten really good with its orginal movies.

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Nightly Link Dump – Catchup

Chaosmint : eDonkey 2000 for Mac OS X The Register Slashdot | Red Hat 9 To Be Released March 31 Slashdot | Building A Better Inbox (Updated) AutoUpdate 4.8 CVSspam 0.2.6 Kalyp 0.3.3-alpha (Development) LinCVS 1.1.5 … Continue reading

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RedHat 9 via BitTorrent

RedHat ISOs here

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