MoBo Problems

When I got home from work tonight i decided to go ahead and dig into fixing my busted computer. First off i tried booting the system as it was to rember what it was that i was fixing, its been months after all. Next i pull the mother board out and striped it. Replaced all the parts on the new Motherboard and prepared for boot. What, the exact same thing. Ok so now i’m thinking that the other one is still good. So I do a lot of surfing and finally come up with the conclusion that the power supply isn’t strong enough for this chip/mother board combo. Hmm.. i just bought that when the other one went out.. Oh, so its all coming together now. According to most forums i need a 350 or so watt PS to use this setup. Guess i’ll go shopping in the morning. I hope this is it.

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  1. Oops… Damned news reader… Sorry for the double post man… wasn’t trying to be an ass. 🙂

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