I setup RH 8 on my multiboot test server last week. The one problem i was having was that i had to boot it from a floppy, for some reason having 2 /boot points on one box was not working with XOSL. I’m sure it was a setup issue on my part, but i found a great way around it. I tared the /boot section for the RH installed and moved it to /boot/RH8/ on the first /boot section. I then booted back into Mandrake and edited LILO and now i can boot it from LILO not problem. So now my test box has RH8, Mandrake 9, Win2K, WinXP, Win98, and BeOS. Next up is Mandrake 9.1 Beta 2 and RH 8.1 Beta 2. They should all live happily together now that i know the /boot trick.

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  1. hi….i’m newbies for linux. Plz mail me your “Boot Trick”
    as i would like to multiboot WinXP/RH8.0/Mandrake Linux9.0
    Thanks bro.

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