One thing that I miss from *nix while working in Win2k is scp. I find my self using this a lot to transfer one off files from server to server, quicker to use than FTP. I’m using Cygwin on my laptop, but couldn’t find/ or missed the scp pacakage. So I downloaded PSCP here and droped it into the bin folder. and renamed it scp. Now that’s much better.

3 thoughts on “PSCP

  1. There’s also winscp, another free software based on putty, it’s got a wsftp type of interface, useful for those files you can’t remember 🙂

  2. scp is part of the ssh package. If you can start ssh under cygwin, scp should also be there 🙂


  3. Dude. Live and die by Putty… I use it to tunnel FTP sessions to the server to encrypt the login… Also useful for tunneling other protos and x sessions as well. I still have to get Hummingbird stabilized but X-Tunnelling works with the Linux Notebook…

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