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There is tons of Apple new to get caught up on. I’m really digging the new smaller PowerBook, but i would have prefered if they updated the 15″ one. Oh well maybe the store will have one this weekend that i can play with. Maybe smaller is better? We will see. The 17″ is way big, it wouldn’t even fit in my backpack, i measured 🙂

X11 for Mac OS X – Wow now i’m digging this. I think its gonna be really easy for me to switch form Linux to OS X.

iLife – i’m all about iLife. I’m wondering how difficult it will be to created DVD’s from my DV camera on the small Powerbook.

TiVo announce Rendezvous networked products – So it’ll be able to play my mp3 and show my photos. Cool, did i mention i bought Camille a TiVo 2 for Christmas?

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  1. i think Pape said he burned a dvd on his apple from his dvc this weekend. i think it was pretty much as easy as using iPhoto. not sure.

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