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Red Bull

Matt Croydon says ” Ug. Red Bull tastes disgusting. But at 3 for $5, I had to buy some” Hmm.. maybe your not tasting it right 🙂 I love the stuff, even the new sugar free.

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The Daily Grind

Its Friday, and its an awesome day outside, I shouldn’t be stuck in the office but I am. Friday is always that catch all day for me, I never make a schedule I just let it flow. This morning I … Continue reading

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Rudy Rucker Reviews Patter Recognition

According to Rudy “Web surfing on a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection is functionally the same as jacking your brain into a cyberspace deck” I disagree, give me the jack already, and perhaps a deck with WiFi 🙂

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MT FOAF plugin

The beginings of a MT Foaf Plugin, looks interesting. I’ll have to check this out in more detail soon.

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