Ok we are home. Its been an eventful 6 days away. We are unpacked and things are inorder for tomorrow. Its amazing how much stuff 2 people (geeks) require for travel. Only 3 Laptops , 2 digita cameras, 1 digital video camera, 2 palms, 1 ipod, etc, etc…. Now its time to get some email, and brag about my swag 🙂

Trip Details:
Starting Point: 32.319353,-95.247195
Ending Point: 32.995248,-96.852572
Trip Odometer: 124 miles
Moving Time: 2 hours 8 minutes
Stopped Time: 16 min 36 sec
Max Speed: 81.6
Moving Avg: 57.9
Overal Avg: 51.2

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