Bluetooth + Palm + Linux + SSH

Last week i posted that i had finally gotten bluetooth working on my linux test box and could see my palm and my palm could see it. Before leaving work last night, i took it one step further. I set the rfcomm stuff so that i could connect to the linux box with ssh. See the screen shot below. Now next chance i get i need to figure our how to forward the traffic out ot the net so I can surf from it.


Update: More Details.
Linux Mandrake 9.0 w/kernel recompile for BlueZ.
BT Dongle: DBT-120
SSH Software on Palm: TopGun SSH.

Other Steps I Followed
Palm, Linux and Bluetooth
Blue Tooth on Linux

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2 Responses to Bluetooth + Palm + Linux + SSH

  1. Mark Fazakerley says:

    Very Interested to see you’ve got ssh working with bluetooth – can you give me a quick “Get this, get that” list as I’d like to attempt something similar with my tungsten.


  2. Scott says:

    I want to do somehting simialr but using a netwrok setup, using a USB RJ45 converter.
    Do you know if you can run say a Linux distro off a cd eg Koppix, on the SP2, that would recognise the USB ethernet connection, and allow me to browse the web if its hooed upto my cable modem. I dont want to install a hard drive.


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