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Kevins Office

Kevin’s got his office pics up as well today. It interisting to see fellow IT folks work areas. I don’t know why but i really enjoy it.

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OSnews has an article “The Comeback of a Classic OS” about BeOS and current state of some different open source developments. I’ve always like BeOS, its a nice clean interface, actually it reminds me alot of OS X.

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Office Pics

I finally got around to taking some pics of my office, these are from a few weeks ago.

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I just added my self to the GeoURL database. I’ve had geotags in my meta data for ever, but haven’t found many sites that make use of them. This is one that does.

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I just finished watching Johnny Mnemonic. I rember watching this way back in 96′ I think. It was was better than i rember it being. Now i’m watching Tron. I think think i posted this but last week i watched … Continue reading

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