My Rio500 is Dead

Looks like my Rio500 has finally died. Its been having problems getting file transferred over for about a week. I finally got some transferred over this morning, according to the software, but when i turned it on nothing was there. I’ve had this for a couple of years now so i guess i got my moneys worth. Now i’ve got some choices to make, find a used one via ebay, find a new model, or get an iPod. I think i’ll see how ebay will work out going prices seem in the 40-50 range. If that doesn’t work out in a few days, maybe i’ll just get an iPod at the apple store.

4 thoughts on “My Rio500 is Dead

  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the iPods…you can even get them at Target now as well as several other stroes. Fry’s down in GP had a pretty good deal on them, but I don’t remember the price 🙁

  2. You can get the base model with 5 gigs for about 299. I also found some software that will let it work with linux so i can use it that way or with my wifes iBook.

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