I was reading over at Kevins the other day when i noticed he mentioned partimage. I flagged it to followup later. Well today is later i have it running on one server and i’m backing up my RH 8 workstations partitions to it right now. So far so good, i’m familiar with ghost on windows, and this is just as easy. Once i’m done fully backing things up, i’m gonna try to do the restores back from the server. I want to make sure i can use it both ways. Then I’ll do backups of all the servers and such. This looks like an awesome tool.

Update 1: I have successfully back up all the partitions across the network to a machine running partimaged, the server version.

Update 2: The default boot cd images don’t support 3com cards, which is what i have. I’ll have to build my own custom boot cd when i get back from lunch.

Update 3: I got a new Boot CD thats compatible with lots of network cards and has partimage loaded on it. Its called Timo’s Rescue Cd . And like the title implies is a full blown bootable linux system thats based on debian. I downloaded the iso and burned it. I then but some junk on one of my partitions, just to make sure it would be over written. Here are some notes that are important to me so i want forget in case i need them.
The standard password is “rescue”.

1. load the NIC driver
# modprobe 3c59x
(you can find the others under /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/net/
2. configure the NIC
#ifconfig eth0 inet up
or via dhcp:
# dhclient eth0
3. set the default gateway if any
# route add default gw
4. Mount a partition
I used: mount -t ext2 /dev/hda5 /home
5. start partimage

Next up trying this on a Win2K Box, they say the NTFS support is experimental.

Update 4: (final one) I tried it on my Win2K box with NTFS and it worked perfectly. I used the above steps except mounted to ntfs , that was it. Like Kevin said its an open source replacement for ghost. Its got a couple of extra steps that you don’t have in ghost, but for the cost you can’t beat it. Now i’ll just have to backup the rest of the boxes around here with it 🙂

2 thoughts on “partimage

  1. Nice notes…

    As for the W2K image… were you successful in applying the image back to the machine?

    In my tests, I was successful in applying the image, but somewhere I missed something concerning the MBR. I’d interested to see your results.


  2. Yes i successfully put the image back. All i did to test this was to delete all the directories out. I didn’t take it down and format it and try. But i will towards the end of the month. I reimage my test machines at the end of each month so it want effect any of the work i’m doing.

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