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If everyday was as good at work as today, i would love coming in every morning. I actually didn’t have anything todo, well that i wanted to start on anyway. I did have a plan in mind. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Mozilla 1.2

According to Slashdot , Mozilla 1.2 has been released. Personally i’ve been using Phonenix for my browsing needs for a while now, but once the mirrors calm down i’ll grab it and upgrade my boxen.

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I got a new iPod today. I really been debating over getting one. My wife actually talked me into it, so that makes it a guilt free purchase. I got the 5gb model, with i think is sufficent to my … Continue reading

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About Done

I’m just about done with all my tasks for the week. Which leave tomorrow open to , ahh slack. 🙂 Looks like it’ll be a good day todo some linux experimentation, my try a new distro.

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sendmail queue

Looks like the sendmail queue went crazy with and undelieverable message over the weekend, and of course that triggered a huge loop and 100000+ messages in the queue that can’t be deleivered. Luckily its as simple as going to /var/spoo/mqueue/ … Continue reading

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