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“Now, if you’re a typical weblogging type person, and you start your personal site and later add something like a Donate via PayPay button do you violate the license? What about if you write a book, and mention it on your site? Or write articles and sell them from your site? Or just link to sites that paid you to write articles for their site? If you get a freelance gig from your weblog, do you need to get a commercial license immediately?” [ more via RasterWeb]

He raises some very valid points about the MT license. Worth the read.

3 thoughts on “Rasterweb On MT

  1. I saw something about this recently relating to the use of the MTAmazon :: Amazon.com plugin for Movable Type. Problem is I can’t rember where it was posted.

    The gist of it was something like… Mena was questioned if personal use of MT and affiliate programs like Amazon where a violation of the MT lic. Her reply (unofficially) was something like …no, as long as you’re not making something like $1,000 / month through the program.

  2. Interesting… I wonder if the Trott’s would (officially) add something to the license that clarifies an amount that is considered ‘for profit.’ That way you’d be safe adding things to your site that might make you money, until you make a certain amount of money, at which point I’m sure you’d be more than happy to pay for a commercial license.

    If I made $1000 a month on my site and Movable Type enabled that in some way, I’d send the Trott’s a very nice check 😉

  3. I agree there probably is a balance issue. Most folks don’t make money on there websites. I don’t even try, i do this for me. But if i did i would make sure the send the Trott’s some $$ as well.

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