I know a long time ago i said i wanted a hiptop when i came out. Well you can get one now from T-mobile. I almost ordered one this morning, had it all tweaked out and in my shopping cart. Then it hit me, its not color. I know that shouldn’t matter, but with my m505, i’m spoiled with a nice color display, my T68 has a nice color display. Then it hit me again, why do i really need this when i have a m505 and a T68? I don’t, at least not now. There is no way to sync it with a PC or Mac. Its not as cool as i first thought, maybe the next generation will have bluetooth. I’ll keep holding off on this one.

2 thoughts on “HipTop

  1. Sounds like Camille is standing behind you slapping the back of your head. Have we got the message yet? lol

  2. aahem! it wasn’t me smacking him upside the head. it was his brain working. i’ve been conditioning his brain to think logically instead of impulsively.

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