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Evil Entity Linux Review

Linux Orbit reviews Evil Entity Linux. According to them its linux for power users. Looks interesting , i’ll add it to my DistrosToTry list.

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Bluetooth GPS Bundle

Transplant computing has released its new Bluetooth GPS Bundle for palms. Its very cool and i like the idea, but i don’t like the price at $370 it just seems like a lot. You can get it directly from Palm … Continue reading

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Fresh Install

I just finished up a fresh install of Mandrake 9.0. Hopefully this will fix the odd problems i mentioned the other night. Its up running and all my files have been migrated back from my server. I’m gonna leave Gaim … Continue reading

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SquirrelMail 1.2.9 AND 1.3.2

SquirrelMail 1.2.9 AND 1.3.2 released. “most notable fixes: the areas of register_globals, session handling and preferences should all work more reliable. We hope this release solves the most common problems with the stable distribution”  [ New Releases]

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William Gibson rarity at The

William Gibson rarity at The Infinite Matrix. William Gibson has donated the “blue line masters” (photographic printing proofs) from his 1996 novel “Idoru” to the fundraising auction for The Inifinite Matrix, an unspeakably swell science fiction ezine. For a $500 … Continue reading

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