I really think its dead this time.

I worked on my Win2K workstation again last night. I haven’t touched it in a few weeks. I’ve tried everything with no luck i know the drives are good, i just want to check to make sure the CD isn’t damaged so i’ll try one from work. I suspect that maybe when the Power supply went out that maybe it effected the board. I’m not sure, it comes on goes through the checks ok, but as soon as you start to install or anything it locks up. I hope its just the CD, but if not i’ll be in the market for a new MoBo.

Update: Well the CD is good just started an install with no problem on a lab machine. There is one thing i can try, that would be removing some of the memory although it passes the checks just fine, there could be a problem there.
But i’m heading over to Pricewatch anyway to see whats out there.

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