What a day

Its been a busy day for me today. Lots of phone calls and CD’s to send out. Since i work for our corporate headquarters, i’m not supposed to use the local staff to do much work. Which leaves me being my own mail person. Its unreal at how much paper we have to have to mail stuff, and then most of the paper work isn’t even kept is thrown away. But i do my best to follow the rules.

I’ve also got a pretty good Lotus development project to work on, if there is approval that is. There is more work spent on following procedure and dealing with red tape then there is actually getting the job done. But thats ok i guess, the pay is the same.

Next up I’m filling out my expense reports for last week and find out that the CA division billed all the meeting expenses to my credit card. I don’t mean i work card, i mean my personal card. So i was fairly pissed. Its way past time to move on, way past it.

Anyway i’m back home and ready for a night of stuff 🙂

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  1. Dude… I would FREAK out if the company used my personal cc. It really bothers me when a company does something like this.


  2. nf0 says:

    Yeah and its just getting worse..

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