Why Wait?

Some people have asked me why i’m waiting to get a TiBook if i want one so bad. Well the main reasons are the rumors of a new power book, this is from Mac OS Rumors:
“So far, hard evidence is lacking either way. For now, we are predicting a new Powerbook G4 with 867MHz and 1GHz processors, as well as ATi RADEON Mobility 9000 Pro graphics acceleration – in about six weeks. A mobile Superdrive is also frequently mentioned in rumormongers’ recon, but more questions exist as far as that goes.”

Now who knows how accurate that is, but a mobile Superdrive would rock, the idea even has me debating over ordering the Pioneer DVD burner that i was getting ready to order. Has anyone ever taken a DVD burner and put it in an external Firewire case and used it with a ibook or TiBook? If so let me know how it works for you.