Dreaming Mac

Its not very often that i remember my dreams but last night, i dreamed about Macs. I read a copy of Mac addict right before i went to bed and i’m sure thats what sparked it. I don’t even have a Mac but my wife does, and I plan on getting one, maybe sooner than i had planned. I use Windows and work and Linux at home. I love Linux, but it does have a few things that i don’t like. I work on desktop mostly and miss the days of the full time laptop. I worked for almost 3 years on just a laptop and its a different way of life. I need a TiBook, bad. So I dreamed about all this coming together last night and it was great, one computer that can do everything i wanted. I think that everybody should have one :). My plan is to start looking for software now. I’ll start up a [[myMacStuff]] wiki page and list out what i use now and look re replacements. I want to be ready when the day comes.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming Mac

  1. 800MHz PowerPC G4
    1MB L3 & 256K L2 cache
    133MHz system bus
    1GB SDRAM memory
    60GB Ultra ATA drive
    Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
    w/32MB DDR video memory
    Gigabit Ethernet
    56K internal modem
    1 FireWire & 2 USB Ports
    AirPort Card Included

    There’s no way around it. You must go buy one now. Did you know there’s an Apple store at the “Shops at Willow Bend” mall? You can get one there.


    Don’t forget the chunk of change you’ll have to set aside to start paying for PhotoShop, Illustrator, et al. 😉 j/k

  2. Hehe yup i sure need one. I know all about Willow Bend, my wife and i were with the geeks waiting for OS 10.2 to come out at 10:20 at night, so she could get a new ibook.

    The softare is expensive and i’m looking at low cost alernatives. Like installing gimp with fink and things like that. Also a friend gave us an old copy of PhotoShop 5 SE for OS9 that came with his scanner. Not as nice as version 7, but it gets the job done just fine for what we do.

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