Almost Alive

Well thanks to a suggestion to replace the power supply on my box and it came back on. But its still not working correctly, it won’t boot up now. No telling what the cause is i’ve tried different drives and everything else. I think i’ll take the drives with me to work tomorrow and put them on one of my lab boxes and see if they are ok. I’m begining to think something got fried somewhere. No biggie, if i can recover the data from the drives all will be fine. I’m not even concerned about it being my PVR anymore, i just ordered a Sony DirectTV/PVR unit. It’ll work with our sat with no problems, its user friendly and my wife can use it also. Its actually simplifiying a part of life. I need to do more of that. I don’t even think i’m gonna rebuild this box, my plan is to get a TiBook in the spring when the new models hit the street, maybe sooner if i find i can’t stand waiting :). I think ebay is about to become my friend.

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