Links O’ The Day

I’ve got a ton of tabs up in Mozilla. Mainly as a result of going through email and surfing last night. So i’m gonna share all this interesting things with you. Some of it maybe old to you, but i haven’t really surfed in a couple of weeks.

ZOË Maintenance Release 0.2.3


Hep is still going strong Abe has been working filters and jabber stuff.

Plone and the Windows intaller version. Plone CMS aims to be a proper Content Management and Publishing system, sharing the same qualities as Teamsite, Livelink and Documentum. OODBMS, RDBMS, WEBDAV, FTP and XMLRPC integration out-of-the-box. Plone is built with Zope.

Old Computer TV Commercials There in RM format so if your on Linux and haven’t installed Real Audio yet get it here.

Gay Robots

The Secret Lives of Numbers

School Girls and Mobile Suites

SCI-FI City Gallery

Installing KDE with Fink on OS X 🙂

nxgate, an NNTP to XML-RPC gateway is released