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Marks Blog

Hey my friend Mark has a new blog.

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Mandrake Linux 9.0 from Someone else

Wow this person had a very bad time with Mandrake 9.0. It almost sounds like they have a beta instead of the final release. I’m glad that i didn’t experience any of this problems. I’m using a Logitech Wheel mouse … Continue reading

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Buddy Script

According to this article ActiveBuddy has ported buddy script to Linux, so now linux developers can now make online interactive agents. What they don’t realize is that we already have a buddyscript, its called PERL.

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New Hep Info

Looks like Abe has been busy working on hep. Here is a litte blurb about what he is working on: “I’ve been working on Hep, changing a lot of the hidden backend stuff. Hep now uses the Twisted Framework for … Continue reading

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Email on SOHO network

I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past month about doing an IMAP server and such at home. This is one of the best articles that i’ve found on doing that. The problem that i’ve had currently is … Continue reading

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