I’ve been having some odd problems with my Win2K workstation about 2 weeks ago it started randomly locking up. Nothing i did could fix it. So i did a fresh install, new drivers, etc. It would run but anytime i was working with video or playing a game it would freeze up. I’ve tried everything finally i started looking aorund in the case with a flash light, and discovered my video cards fan was out. So I’m guessing that its overheating and crashing. There were also 2 case fans out. So i just ordered up a new box of fans and a few extra bits as well. Its off while i’m gone on vacation anyway so no downtime. I expect the parts to be here in a few days when i return. I hope that fixes it.

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  1. You got me to thankin’, so I checked my fans as well. Ahhhh, good. CPU(Volcano), 2 case fans and video fan are running great …. need to clean out some dust though.

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