IT Stuff

Its been quite the busy morning here. I come in a few minutes late , due to traffic. I’m pulled directly into a meeting about IT projects, with a list for the whole company. Several of the projects don’t effect me they are for the AS400 inventory systems that i don’t work on, but there were several of my projects that were not on the list. When i brought this up, well, they are “unofficial”, as in they don’t want anybody to know that they are being done. Thats all fine and good, but means that my list looks like i don’t have much work coming up. So I’ve been drumming up some “official” work all morning, i sent out a handful of who needs some Lotus Notes development done, 2 hours later, my schedule is full again :).

I finished setting up the new linux file server yesterday just waiting for the list of users, shares and permissions to be finished. When I installed the server i made sure is set it us as an SSH server and made sure the VNC server software was loaded. Testing it out this morning i SSHed into it and started a VNC session then connected with the VNCviewer for Win2K from ATT, works like a charm. So off comes the monitor, keyboard and mouse, gotta love that.

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