Mandrake Betas

Ok i’m not going crazy. Today i re ran the Beta 1 and the Beta 2 setups again. There are differences in the XSetup on Beta2 different screens and all. The Beta 2 setup failed to work correctly on my video card in any mode other than 480×600, no matter what i tried. The setup on Beta 1 works in all modes that i tried. Very odd, i didn’t notice it the first time, but now i know. So i’m back on Beta 1 now, wating on Beta 3 , i hope they get that fixed.

2 thoughts on “Mandrake Betas

  1. I installed Beta 2 without a problema and I’m pleased with the new version. It seems more stable and much quicker using KDE or Gnome.

  2. Interesting, maybe its a problem with my video card or the X setup. Something else some default could have changed from Beta 1 and could have caused my problem. I plan on installing it on my workstation at work and see how it goes there.

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