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Hep 0.2.2 – Done

Well i installed the new Hep 0.2.2 and setup Evolution to work with it. Its just great. Here is a screenshot

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Lens Testing

I finally got a chance to try my telephoto lens out today. These are just a few shots around my apartment parking lot. They were not that close I think they turned out good. Dove Dove 2 Crows

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Zoe Does RSS

Remember Zoe, i blogged about it several times a month or so ago and have been running it ever since. Well now Zoe Does RSS. Whats that mean , it means that you Mail server (if you use zoe, like … Continue reading

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Hep 0.2.2

Looks like Abe has released Hep 0.2.2 today. “I released Hep 0.2.2 today. Hopefully this release fixes the ‘The socket operation could not complete without blocking’ errors people were getting when running Hep on windows. “[Abe Fettig] Looks like I’ll … Continue reading

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Media Update

I’m a big fan of media, books, CDs, DVD’s, comics, magazines, etc. I’ve seen lots of people posting on the subject this week so i thought i would chime in. I just finished listening to the audio book of Fast … Continue reading

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