Update on Stuff

On my way home from work last night, I stopped by a friends house. He was having some computer problems that just started a few days ago. Looks like a virus, so I’ll be going back tomorrow night with my tools to fix that. While a scan was running we started playing on his PS2, thats the first time i really sat down and play on one. Wow it was a blast. If i had the time i would get one, but really i don’t.

Last night i finished up Phase One of my php/mySQL media management system. Its functional for VCD’s now, i need to do some interface work, but i can find what i need at the moment, so I’m happy. Next phase will be the DVD section which shouldn’t take much maybe a week or so to get to.

I also started looking at some new album software for my web sites, i found a nice php/mySQL solution, but it needs a few changes. I email the author a few days ago about it, but haven’t heard back from him. Since its open source, if don’t hear back from him by the weekend, i think I’ll make all the changes i need and start using it.

I got my Macromedia Studio MX CD today when i got into work, lots of fun stuff to explore and try now. The beta i had ended a week or so back. I’ve booked marked several tutorials that i want to go through.

I finally downloaded the Mandrake Cooker snap shot ISO’s and the Linpus ISO’s that i mentioned last week. I’m gonna load them both on test boxes here at the office, probably Thursday or Friday, that should be fun.

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  1. Camille says:

    Why don’t we go ahead and get you a PS2 anyway? It can join the collection of others…the PS1, the Super Nintendo, the Atari and the ummm…..don’t you have another game system or two?

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