I finally finished my linkback system last night. I’ve been testing it but wanted to make sure things were right before i did it site wide. I was inspired a few weeks ago by 0xDECAFBAD‘s ShowReferers. So first i did a little PHP that would track each referer to the front page and store it in a database. Next i added the little referers box for the last ten referers here. Once i had all that up and running, i converted the whole site to PHP, and added a new field to the database to keep track of each page. Now anytime you click on an individual entry, you can see who all has linked to it. Kinda interesting, i don’t get many links, but writing the code was fun. The links to the index page get purged every 48 hours so they stay fresh and it keeps the database small.

2 thoughts on “LinkBack

  1. Hey, that was exactly what I was thinking of doing to my site this weekend 🙂 Already got everything moved to PHP, and was about to reimplement the linkback system in PHP too.

    Got Source? 🙂

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