So far so good on my re-install. I had to take my truck in to get it serviced, so i didn’t get on it right away. I have learned something though, for some reason, my dual head + tv card, no longer like dual head and TV. I thought something was wrong, but i unplugged the second montior and its ok. Guess i’ll just have to use it one way or the other. I guess that not really that big of a deal, although i do like 2 19″ better than 1.

On another note, we swung by CompUSA while we were out. It was time to buy Camille and iBook. We get there and the apple dude is there, and tells us the only one left is the display model. Then he tells us they are discontinued and there will be a whole new line of iBooks out next week. Guess we can wait :smile

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